Combining innovative features and functionality, the TeledataOne Panel is now set to become the world’s most sought-after fire panel currently available.
With a clean and minimal design aesthetic, TeledataOne is ideal for Consultants & Designers looking for a new solution to managing their Fire Detection needs.

Key Features of the Teledata One Panel include:

Unique Design
Its name is One, since the TeledataOne offers all the information and instructions you need on a single touch screen.

Touch Interface
It’s made to be touched: the first certified fire panel that features a total touch screen panel with easy-to-use interface.

Multi – Protocol
Our panel manages a number of protocols including Teledata, Argus and Apollo (XP95, Discovery & Core) protocols.

Up to 9 loops per panel and connect up to 128 panels on a network loop, to manage massive systems with more than 250,000 devices. Compact yet Versatile!

The Italian Touch!
Fully designed and manufactured in Italy!