Teledata Asia

Teledata Fire Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd was established in 2014 with the aim of becoming the leading fire alarm system supplier for Singapore and South-East Asia Region. We are proud to be the sole-distributor for TeledataOne  Fire Alarm System the avant-garde fire alarm system of the modern world.

To date, TeledataOne has been successfully installed in noteworthy projects in Singapore and all over the world. Some of the Singapore projects include Perennial Business City, Mapletree Kingsville, i12 Katong Mall, Google and Amazon. TeledataOne has also been protecting sensitive places such as foreign embassies, police centres and medical facilities.

These projects are testament to our product quality, and also in line with our vision to create a safer and hassle-free fire prevention environment for users worldwide.


Our Principal Suppliers


Since 1977, Teledata S.r.I. has been designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing a complete range of cutting-edge fire safety and security alarm products.

Today, we are proud to present TeledataOne – the world’s first EN54 Certified fire alarm panel – fully touch !

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Engineered Corrosion Solutions – 100 YEARS OF FIRE PROTECTION EXPERIENCE

ECS invented nitrogen-based corrosion control. Their innovative systems work together to extend the life of fire sprinkler systems, while their advanced monitoring capabilities ensure system integrity by utilizing an early-warning system.  

Together, we’re improving those systems and the way we do business every day. When your technology has the ability to save lives, you don’t stop at “good enough”.

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In 2020, Teledata Asia established itself as the sole distributor of Engineered Corrosion Solutions products in Singapore & Malaysia.

By employing nitrogen based corrosion control methods, our cutting-edge systems work together to extend the life of fire sprinkler systems in data centres, in turn reducing operating and maintenance costs for owners. Various noteworthy data centres that employ ECS nitrogen generators for a longer fire system lifespan include Facebook, Equinix, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Intel.

Through our relentless pursuit in providing industry leading technology and unbeatable customer service, Teledata Asia is committed to providing long term and sustainable fire protection solutions for data centres owners!